I’ve always been nervous about heights! Why? I do not know. I guess like many phobias – it does not always make sense (unless you consider that a fall could maim or kill you!)

Many years ago, I took our youth group to what I considered to be an “extreme wilderness camp” – booked by former assistant-pastor, Kenny Adcock, (who had already left before the date of execution). It was a ropes camp with all kinds of “daring and terrifying” opportunities… one of which was a huge zip-line. It started way up a tall tree on a hill and slid down to a yawning valley below. Throughout the week our kids challenged, begged, dared me and one of our girls (also staunchly afraid) to take the climb and then the plunge. “No way” she said… “me neither”, said I. Finally, I used her as an excuse – “I will not do it… unless she does it!” I would never have believed that she would ever say “Okay…yes!

That day we both laddered up the despicable ascension. We were harnessed… I still fully expected her to come to her senses. (Teenagers?#&*@!) Down she went—I could not look. Now it was time to honor my word. I was attached to a cable, placed on a tiny perch (er’ gang-plank) I refused, throughout, to open my eyes - as if I were on the gallows… I stepped off, sure of certain and hopefully sudden death… my last words were a prayer, “Here I come sweet Jesus”!
The plummet felt as if I had been cast down into a darksome abyss…but at last, alas… I was alive… and when I opened my eyes I was dangling high in the air… where a ladder was offered back to “terra firma”. “Thank You Jesus”! Immediately afterward some kid came down “whooping it up” the whole way with laughter! Some big steps can be un-nerving and others filled with Joy.

Soul commitments are big steps - Repentance, faith, and yielding our life to Jesus is a major leap of faith… “Here I come sweet Jesus!”. It requires trusting him with all our life. When a backslider comes back to Jesus like the prodigal son… turning loose of pride and self-sufficiency and trusting the heart of his father. Church membership means I’m “falling” in with God’s work through his local church. Becoming part of a church family can offer immense rewards and opportunities… lifelong!
Marriage and Family– and has been likened to a trust fall… committed trust, and responsible love are long lasting big steps- and requires us to honor our deepest vows which will see us through our greatest joys and difficulties. God gives us grace for both. On and on we could go as we talk about big steps of commitment to our work, our country, etc.


We are on our way to our Online Church Pictorial… thanks Will!

(June 3rd) Air Conditioned---Homecoming: “Celebrating Women of Faith”
Starnes Cove women will be sharing testimonies and filling the choir. Join us for this special time of joyful and inspiring worship… as well as a delicious covered-dish meal that follows.

Game On! Vacation Bible School June 18-22
See details about how you and your family, friends, and neighbors can be involved.

CrossTrainers continue to meet throughout the Summer and
For children, we welcome back Allison Merrell for SummerKIDs – starting June 13th.







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