What Next?

Our TENT CRUSADE this year was truly a blessing to our church. Something about being outside added significance and took us out of the routine and was used of the Lord. Somehow it all carried over to the inside on Sunday. The messages and the music, the prayers and excitement of the people, along with the presence of the Holy Spirit of God all worked together to make these days together momentous not only for our church family, but to our community at large. As with all that we do, it was done as unto the Lord, to the Glory of the Father and to Jesus Christ, and is and will be used by His Spirit in the days ahead.

Will this be the end or a beginning? The days following a crusade or revival are a test for a Christian and for the church. Fresh commitments, if not acted upon are truly simply good intentions. Now we turn to the summertime and immediately three very important events greet us. Both of these are fraught with true opportunities if we are willing to seize them.

High School, Community College and Graduate Level Degrees

Here is our annual day to celebrate what the Lord has been and is doing among us. We are delighted this year to highlight CHURCH MUSIC. I cannot express to you how proud I have been of Billy Woody’s leadership, and the quality of our Adult Choir along with instrumentalists Carol Radford and Kathy Glass. I’ve been singing in the choir for the past year and it has been inspiring to my spiritual life--- I look forward to the practices each Wednesday at 6:30pm. We are also blessed by our Praise Songs each Sunday led by Kathy, and Sheila Moore along with the Praise Team. The richness of our hymns and these praises are foundations to our worship services. The choir often adds the “icing to the cake”. This is a fact: the congregational singing, the choir and our instrumentalists, along with soloists, truly set the stage for the preaching of God’s Word and the receptivity of our hearts to the Spirit’s call. PLEASE JOIN US FOR A GREAT HOMECOMING DAY! Make sure you join us for the HOMECOMING DINNER and taste the real icing on the cake.

2ndly VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL IS JUNE 19th – 23rd 8:30am-12noon
Galactic Surveyor’s
Colossians 1:15-16

Children – Teens – Adults

Thank God for those who work all year with children and youth. Now on to our famous Daytime! - Vacation Bible School and what an impact! I would say that VBS is equal to 2 months of Sunday school and TeamKid because of its day to day concentrated study of the Bible put in a day camp atmosphere. This year’s theme will be an outer space journey but will also speak to the inner space of a child’s heart concerning God’s Love through Jesus Christ. Plan to participate by calling Brent or Monica Merrell and let them know you are available. They will tell you how you can be involved.







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