I always loved playing baseball when I was young. I loved it so much I would play with injuries, migraine headaches, you name it. (Once I had two in-grown toenails removed and had a game that night – both big toes were wrapped to handle the bleeding… so I took an old pair of tennis shoes, cut out the toe part… and played the whole blessed game. (Gross? Yes. Stupid? Most definitely. Fun? Gloriously so!) Baseball not only allowed me to develop the skills to play the game but even occasionally to shine! (in my mind anyway)
Playing baseball is not only about individual prowess ;-) but it’s also very social. Equally important to me was the joy of playing with other guys on a team, because in every way baseball is ultimately a team sport- you are part of a unit with your friends. One or two stars will not close to getting it done--- there has to be players performing at every position… and every player gets to swing the bat. The greatest pitcher needs good fielders—because whatever he does means nothing if nobody is there to catch and throw the ball.

So, What’s the Point?
Being the church has both the individual and social dimensions. “Playing church” usually has a negative connotation – it has come to mean pretending or going through the motions of being a church. Some think of “play” as not serious or flippant. Let me say a good word for a “Playing Church” --- It is a church that loves to use and develop its skills and work together to accomplish its mission – It has a game plan, if you can accept the term… that the coach (Jesus) has laid out for us. Actually, Jesus is the player coach for it is his Holy Spirit that gifts us, strengthens us, and uses us for his purposes. If you do what you do for love (instead of just individual glory) you will be happy while game is on and afterwards. I see it as fun (dare I say blessed) … Christians play their part to bring a smile to the Savior’s heart.

Here is our prayerful Game Plan or Mission Statement that serves as our focus as a church: “O God, fulfill Your purposes through Your Body… Let us truly, lovingly worship You in the fullness of Your Spirit. Use us to bring friends, neighbors, and all people of every nation to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ; to accept them into Your family fellowship, and to equip them as disciples; that we might all be servants and ministers unto others … all to Your Glory!“

September marks the beginning of a new church year including a new Sunday School year. All our ministries, including Wednesday Nite Alive ministries are starting up. Many of you are serving in specific places in our church’s ministry. Others are serving God in ways and places outside the church… some perhaps known only to God. What’s important is that you are in the game… that you are worshipping, praying, studying God’s Word, fellowshipping, serving, and witnessing. Hear Jesus scream to his disciples, “Arise, let’s get going!” (“The game is afoot!)

Look through this newsletter and see what’s going on – and ask: How can we fulfill one or more of our church’s purposes… through this event or ministry? Hear the Shout: “PLAY BALL!”
Be Alive and Love the Lord!







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