Some things are changing: Introducing our new App and Updated Website

Sometime in the 1990s I bought my first computer… it was an important moment. I took the different pieces out of the box an assembled it very carefully (as carefully as if I were disassembling an atom bomb). I read and re-read the start-up directions. Reading “about” is one thing, implementing is another matter altogether. Finally, it was the time to plug it into the outlet--- I did so with some expectation that sparks were going to fly like Frankenstein’s laboratory. There… then… I sat staring at the blank screen with my finger hesitating to push the power button… it was a seminal moment! I believed with all my heart that it never was going to work and I was about to “blow-up” several hundred dollars. I finally squeezed the power button like I was pushing the doomsday trigger. Nothing happened except-- on came a tiny blinking light for about one minute- but felt like eternity. (I kicked myself for believing in something so magical as a computer.) But then… on came a primitive menu, one item was the Galaxy Word Processor. I clicked on it I began to type on my first ever word processor and was pleased to know I could delete my mistakes (without whiteout). I had stepped into the age of modern technology. I’ve come ‘a ways’ now, having since then owned several computers. Over the last few years I even have a smart-phone. But I’m still tied to many of my old ways – I keep a piece of paper stuck on the back of my I Phone for note taking.

Some folks are not into computers and that’s just fine.., but some born prior to WWII, along with a great many baby boomers, and I guess about all Gen X-ers and millennials, are computer, smart-phone, and social media savvy. To that end, it is realistic, even high-time for our church to grow in these major avenues of communication. You will find that our website: has now an added link to our pastor’s sermons and a new tab for convenient online giving.

We are also happy to introduce our new Starnes Cove Phone App Thanks to our Associate Pastor William Moore for setting things up and these are his instructions: “Download our new Starnes Cove Baptist Church App and stay connected! Visit your Google Play or Apple store and search "Starnes Cove" and lookout for our new logo, or text STARNESCOVE APP to 77977. You'll get a link texted back that'll take you right to the App. Here, you'll be able to keep up with current events, Charlie's latest sermons, ministry info, mobile giving, and much more! New resources will be coming over the next few months so don't miss out! When you download, you will want to select for the App to know your location - This is so we can send messages directly to your phone about special announcements, cancellations and other changes. Also, if you have any suggestions on things you'd like to see in our App that would make it more usable for you or as an outreach tool, let us know! Either email William at or send a comment through the app's “CONNECT” section. See William if you have any questions and thank you!”

Many of you already have the app and love it. I’ve heard from several who have listened to the sermons, given online, enjoyed the face-book link, the calendar and much more. I can tell you right now that these are honorable ways of spreading the good news of Christ and telling others about our church as well as connecting our members with many opportunities and resources for sharing in our ministries and sharing with others about our church.

Others of us are reading this and saying, “Brother Charlie, I don’t understand any of this or the need for it”. I would simply say: “Relax, I’m with you in some ways, but know this, that these particular changes do not take away any of the traditional ways of giving and communicating. For example, you may still give as you have, through check or cash. These new opportunities are additions and not subtractions.”

Some things are changing as I said, but faithfulness to Christ, the scriptures, the church, our mission, and the basics of Christian witness, worship, and discipleship remain the focus of Starnes Cove Baptist Church.

It’s an awesome thing to push the button into new territories for Christ. See you Sunday,






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