“A Time to Speak… and A Time To Keep Silence”

Most of the congregation knows that I will be away from the church throughout the month of February. This is what is often called a Sabbatical, a time of personal retreat for rest and study. I will be taking a break from day to day pastoral ministry, leadership duties and preaching. It’s time for me to be quiet (if you can imagine that.) The church has been willing in the past several years to give me an extra week beyond vacation for such, but because of my own stubborn shepherd’s heart I have not taken advantage. The last few months, God has given me a renewed sense for the future of our church and a renewed calling as Christ’s under-shepherd. I am aware that fatigue from 38 years of ministry is normal so, I’m looking for some rekindling of mind, body, and soul. I’m now looking forward to some quality time with Jane and my family and for some rest and renewal with Jesus. I am thankful for the understanding and support of our leaders and congregation.

I’m not leaving the church without a shepherd and ministers. Our associate pastor, William (775-7115), will be available to you in my stead. Call on him as you would me. Deacon Chairman, Bobby, and our deacons are our co-laborers in ministries as well. Our fine staff Billy, Linda and Monica are also valuable assets in our church’s ministry. Sunday school classes also well placed for effective services to our church family.

The Preaching of God’s Word each Sunday is of paramount importance to us and it matters to me that we have faithful preaching, so arrangements are as follows:

February 5th and Feb. 25th - William Moore will be preaching on these two Sundays. He loves the Lord… and loves and serves our church – let us hear him gladly!

February 11th - Larry Sprinkle will be our guest preacher. Formerly, the long-time pastor of Victory Baptist Church—he has been busy for last several years as an effective interim-pastor in various churches.

February 18th - We will hear from Steve Plemmons and the Prodigal Sons. We will be blessed to hear the passionate singing of Christian inmates from Craggy Prison and the preaching of their longtime faithful chaplain.

Do remember a Big Ministry Event of this month is “EMPTY BOWLS” (Saturday Feb 17th) It is a wonderful community event with direct consequence to help feed children in our community.

It is to the church as a whole that I most want to urge to:
1) Be faithful and accountable in your attendance and support of your church.
2) Be expectant and excited about what God is doing this month in our church.
3) Greet one another enthusiastically and come to worship God passionately and sincerely.
4) Cooperate with our leaders willingly, and show compassion to one another with that love we owe to Christ.
5) Finally let’s pray for one another.

One of the best-hearted men that I’ve ever known was John Reeves. Most anybody that knew him would agree. John was a quiet, encouraging kind of man who spoke with a soft voice. He was a valuable brother to the family of our church. From my earliest years as a pastor here, John would shake my hand at the door and say: “Now you need to take some time off” John was always a little coy, with a wry sense of humor, and a kindly grin… so I figured he was just being nice, but I also knew that he meant it… and probably in a way I did not understand. John knew how to rest. He went one year to Camp Caswell. Every afternoon John would take a nap – he literally put on his pajamas and went to bed – he might as well have put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. So, John, I’m taking the word of a man who knew how to rest.







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