Early on in our dating experience Jane and I went to the Spartanburg County Fair. Of course, one of the fair-rides a dating couple must do together is the Ferris-wheel. I never was comfortable about heights… but this was for love. I was fine getting on… then the ride itself began to raise my concern… I let go of her hand and held on to the bar. The ride was finally concluding and the unloading process began when we stopped right there at the very top! There before us were the city lights… but down below was “yawning death”! Our chair rocked back and forth, yes, back after bless-ed forth! I had a white-knuckle grip on the bar… shut my eyes… but I felt the height and was certain of our soon demise. Finally, one at a time… yes, one after a bless-ed time… we finally arrived at the landing. I slithered to mother earth. Jane must have looked at me and said to herself, “I’ve fallen in love with a coward”.
Maybe we all have our fears and insecurities… and it’s great to have a friend, a parent, or a spouse that helps to brace us. Even greater is to have our God who knows us, loves us enough to encourage our hearts when we are afraid.
The Hebrew slaves came to the brink of that Land and gave into their fears. Numbers 14:5-10
Forty years later they stood bravely at the brink again, trusting God who “firmed-up” their hearts. Joshua 3:17

I’ve been at my worst when I yielded to my fear and insecurity. My greatest regrets lie in that area. I’ve faired far better when I’ve trusted Jesus, who also falls in love with cowards and helps them follow wherever he leads… with his famous whisper to the “scaredy cats”: “Fear Not – believe in God and believe in me.”

We’ve just marked the beginning of a new church year – and now all of us are given our Christian responsibilities to step into the uncharted territory of challenge and opportunity with “faith, hope and love”.

OCTOBER is an optimum month to be in earnest in inviting others and attending our church services, our Bible Teaching, fellowships, and other sundry ministries.

First for October:
1. Hurricane Florence Immediate Needs. Along with our prayers, we will begin to receive your monetary donations through our church to Baptist Men’s Disaster Relief Fund. You may give at church or through our online giving. Children are starting a “coin offering” already.

2. Our New Church Directory is available on-line and soon will be in printed form. If you have any questions about it and/or would like to sign up… please let us know. This is available for members and current visitors

3. Pastor’s Basics- Orientation for Church Membership. October 14th – November 4th
These four Sunday morning sessions will cover the basics about our church’s beliefs and practices. We welcome all recent members (who have yet to take this class), all who have been visiting our church, and any new person who would like a good background on the Christian faith and how they can be a part of what God is doing here at Starnes Cove.

See you for Sunday school and Worship with rousing soul stirring music and a message by,

Charlie “the Chicken-Hearted”






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