There’s a story told about William Prescott,, a militia colonel who took part in the earliest parts of the War of Independence. As the rumblings of revolution rolled across the meeting halls and back parlors of the colonies, the British sought to quell any disturbances that might arise. They began to move on towns with force in order to quiet and control the citizens, or subjects as they knew them. Prescott heard they were encroaching on Charlestown, Mass. and decided to take a stand.

Prescott gathered 1,200 willing militia men and headed for a show down at Bunker Hill. Throughout the night of June 16, 1775, he and his men built barriers and forts to try and defend their position. By 4 am the next day, the British began an onslaught of ship fire that would last until the mid-afternoon. But these passionate men were able to hold this attack, at least for a time.

By 3 pm the British made another push, only to find the same result: successful resistance. At this point, the militia men were low on ammunition but high on passion. Colonial Prescott, seeing their lack of provision, commanded his men to not shoot at the British “until you see the whites of their eyes”.

While the British would eventually reach Bunker Hill, Prescott and his men would fight to the last with bayonets, face to face. That day, these disorganized firebrands would be a strong match for the mightiest military might on earth at the time. Their passion to serve and unwillingness to rest would motivate one another, and others throughout the budding nation, to eventually fight and win the American Revolution.

Thank you for indulging my love of history – now the point: Starnes Cove, your faithfulness in service to the Kingdom of God and to Starnes Cove Church is encouraging, uplifting, and wonderful. In December there were certainly some unknowns ahead of us, but as we pass three months we can see the hand of God guiding us. You’ve done well in unity, commitment, and service, and as your brother I want to commend you. Your example is one that keeps us holding the ground for God’s Kingdom.

The Lord has good in mind for us even beyond these three months. Easter is coming up soon, and with our Sunrise Service at 7 am at Oak Hill United Methodist and our 10:50 am Worship Service at Starnes Cove, it’s a great time to get focused on our purpose and mission: Following Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
Operation-In-As-Much is April 27th at 9 am, and this one day community service ministry is an excellent chance for all of us to further “shoulder-in” for the Kingdom.

Some days along this journey the battles may be tough, but rest in, and hope in, and be encouraged in this – Christ is King, the war is won, and His reign is eternal!







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