When summer comes, I usually find myself in some trouble Ö with my wife (that doesnít just happen in the summer though, but I wonít dig my own grave Ė she reads these. Hi Honey, I love you!). This trouble centers on sunscreen, and me wearing it. And rightfully so, she encourages me to wear it on days when Iíll be out in the sun for hours at a time. Typically after some hee-hawing and grumbling, Iíll smear on a layer. And while I protest, I donít just put it on for her benefit. I also put it on for mine, because once I didnít and it was a hot mess.

Some time ago, I had the pleasure of going to a Clemson Football game with Sheila and her parents (wherever Charlie is reading this right now, he just let out a cheer). Before going, and during the trip, and at the arrival to the stadium, and during the game, Sheila gently and kindly encouraged me to put on sunscreen. And as good of an idea as that sounds, especially given that we were sitting in direct sunlight, I didnít heed her direction. Her desire was for my safety, but my reluctance was motivated by my past. When I was a boy I was outside a lot Ė fishing, kickball playing, and the like. I rarely if ever got more than a nice tan, so I assumed the same would be true for this day of football. But that was not to be the caseÖbecause for a few weeks after the game I had a nasty burn that included sun poisoning, and band aids and other details Iíll spare you from reading. It suffices to say, I should have taken precautions when I had the chance.

Today, while I donít reapply as often as I should Ė on hot summer days, youíll rarely find me without a layer of sunscreen on. You know safety isnít just a concern of wise wives, but itís also a concern of our father in heaven. In Psalm 37:3 we are told ďTrust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.Ē Ultimately, our safety and rest is found in Jesus Christ, and the eternity he secures for us by his death and resurrection. However, in this earthly life we are told to do good. Doing good here and now looks like trusting Godís word, using wisdom which he provides through it, and acting on that wisdom in our daily lives.

Here at Starnes Cove, we take Safety very seriously, especially where it concerns our children. In the spirit of safety, we follow Safe Sanctuary policies. That means every few years, we require all those who serve with children and youth to complete a background check. With that in mind, in the coming weeks many of you will receive letters regarding this check. Know that the information gathered is always kept in confidence. While you may have done one in the past, as a part of our efforts here to advance safety and protection these checks are completed every two years. Because of this work, everyone in our church, including those who serve, can know and trust in our desire to safely and intentionally protect and disciple our children here at Starnes Cove. If you have any questions regarding this process, donít hesitate to contact me directly and Iíll be happy to talk with you.

Doing good is about safety, and itís also about carrying on the work of Godís Kingdom. We have a very special opportunity to do that this August. Thatís by taking part in our Craft Fair and Car Show on August 31st from 9 to 1. Join us for a great day of handmade goods, beautiful rides, and a benefit lunch for our Sand Hill-Venable Backpack Program. If youíre a member of our church family come, planning to connect with visitors by a kind welcome and good conversation with the those who will join us that day. God continues to protect us here at Starnes Cove, and when we follow him, weíll find ourselves in a place where we can ďdwell in the land and enjoy (His) safe pasture.Ē Make a point of being here for this and our other various ministry opportunities here at Starnes Cove. When you see me at the show, know Iíll be wearing sunscreen (thanks again, Honey!)

Resting in the protection of Christ,






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