My parents, brothers, and sister all loved to sleep-in on Saturday mornings. I, on the other hand, have always been an early riser. It was so nice to have the house to myself …Grabbing a quick breakfast, whence I could feast on early Saturday morning TV … Bugs Bunny, Sky King, Rin-Tin-Tin. The sun would rise somewhere along the way. The glare from the sun was an enemy to those old black and white TVs, literally the picture would obliterate. Undeterred, I placed my blanket over the TV, making a sort of tent theatre, where the sounds and sights of those childhood programs could be experienced with perfect solitary pleasantry. Soon my noisy siblings would arise… so the rest of the day would be taken up with family hullabaloos … but no matter the day got off to a great start!

I still love to get up early, before the sun rises. As a matter of fact, if I wake to day-light I feel cheated for missing the glorious coming of morning. A little prayer, coffee, egg & toast, pop-tart, TV, and the colorful arrival of dawn --- and somewhere along… the day fully breaks, and comes, not the quarrelsome siblings of days gone by, but the soft, quiet approach of … my love! The day is off to a great start.

Dear Church…you have overwhelmed Jane and I with the expressions of your love. Your words, your hugs, your smiles, and your songs, have touched our hearts deeply. I will take some time to read your letters and cards when I have finally laid down the shepherd’s staff which is fast approaching.

Please know this, that our little morning prayer will be for you as the New Days are arising for Starnes Cove Church.

Can I encourage you to pray at the dawning of a new day? It is a day full of promise – God is up to something good. Yes, sweet sorrows may be fresh upon us… for fittingly, “weeping is for the night… but joy comes with the morning” and God’s light for 2019 is ready to break upon us all.

Can I encourage you to pray and welcome a new year with all its unknown, and challenge, and yes opportunities? Jesus is still Lord of His Church in 2019 and January is the Dawning of this New Day... its time for a little prayer.

Pray for our good leadership<, beginning with our deacons. Rick Conard will, on the first Sunday, reveal to us their good plan by which you will be preceding and how you will choose from among yourselves a search team for the next pastor. Pray for our Bible Teachers and workers. Take time to pray in every class meeting. Pray, pray, and pray for each other to be the patient loving family of Jesus Christ… hopeful, patient, positive… each of us doing our part to protect the unity, participate and do your part to contact and call… “Encouraging one another as you see the Day Approaching!” (See Heb. 10:24-25)

Pray for the Search which will be on for a new pastor… it may well be a patient search… The Search Team (God Love Them!) will proceed humbly, prayerfully, patiently. You love them and Learn to wait on the Lord!

Pray for our Associate Pastor, William who will be doing the work of the pastor in pastoral care and administrations of encouraging the continuing forward movement of the church…Call on him as you have called on me – he is a trustworthy servant of Christ.
Pray for Billy whose long service still cheerfully urges our hearts in song… he and our choir are now as much as ever a true uplifting blessing right before our eyes. Pray for our able and seasoned support staff, whose ready help will be a steadying hand in transition.

Pray for all who preach… Dr. Perry Brindley in January and later we will call our Interim Pastor… pray for them who will preach God’s Word to inspire and challenge, until finally a new pastor is come to the field. PRAY FOR YOURSELF…Come to your church prayerfully, expectantly, excitingly, encouragingly… Serve the Lord passionately, purposefully, positively.

Now it is time for one year to yield to another… it is also time for me to yield as your pastor… another will be called to take up. Honor him and let him and his family walk beside you and be blessed with the joy of service that we have known.

Finally, when you pray, remember us… for we also are stepping into a new day ourselves together and with our Lord.

With All Our Heart We Love You, and Will Remain… Your Friends Forever!
Charlie and Jane






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