I was introduced to guns when I was called into the army. (I was raised to learn how to swing a baseball bat and, in our home, all the males were trained to keep a bat behind the bed.) Anyway, army training included learning to accurately fire a rifle… er’ weapon. We also of course had to learn how to break down our weapon, clean it, and reassemble. Things went along swimmingly until right after I qualified… The last shot or two was a jam. I went through the maintenance routine… and felt good about it. Live ammo practice was over with – but we had one sort of battlefield simulation to go through with blank bullets… sort of like playing soldiers (which I practiced a lot as a kid). Whatever happened, my weapon would not fire those blanks… so I just ran around and ducked making shooting sounds “p-krewww” – which most boys knew how make. I worried throughout about the wrath of the drill sergeant coming down on me… but it was noisy and raucous and he didn’t seem to notice. I thought about telling the sergeant at the armory about it… but it already had been impressed upon me that it would be my fault… so, I didn’t see any good coming out of that. I basically just turned in my weapon and walked away (I’ve never heard anymore about it- so I guess I’m in the clear.)

WHATS THE POINT? Somehow Keep on the Firing Line!
When it comes to sharing Jesus… Just do it!
Even when conditions seem completely against us.
“Proclaim the message; persist in it whether convenient or not…” II Timothy 4:2
Even when we don’t really know what to say.
“for the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what needs to be said." Luke 12:12

God will only use the soldier He can trust,
Keep on the firing line;
If you’ll wear a crown then bear the cross you must,
Keep on the firing line.
Life is but to labor for the Master dear,
Help to banish evil and to spread good cheer;
Great you’ll be rewarded for your service here,
So keep on the firing line.

Oh, you must fight, be brave against all evil,
… Just keep on the firing line.

I’ve always been impressed by faithfulness of Christians who are loyal to the cause of Jesus Christ, year in and year out. As our nominating team has been calling upon willing souls for many of the positions and responsibilities of our ministries for the next church year beginning in September 1 – I want to say Thank You in behalf of the church. I can’t name all the many services that our members are involved in nor are all of them on the nominating team report but thank you so much!

This has been a summer with much labor for the Lord… Special Hats Off:
To our Bereavement Meal Team --- hosting grieving families --- Outstanding!
To our Monday’s Men’s Maintenance Team--- all kinds of needed work done… Superlative!
To “Tuesday Free Suppers for Community” Teams--- Service in Christ’s name… Excellent!
To VBS staff and volunteers --- another great week of what I’d call: Fantastic!
To SummerKIDs Workers--- Fun and learning about Jesus with Enthusiasm. Superb!
To CrossTrainers Workers- Leading Young Christians as disciples of Christ. Tremendous!

See You Sunday, Charlie






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