“It’s Going to be Alright!”

(Since our pastor is away on sabbatical, our Associate Pastor, William Moore,has submitted the article for March.)

When I was a boy, my parents worked as managers at the Barbecue Inn, formerly on Patton Avenue. I spent many Friday and Saturday evenings there, wandering around the backrooms and storage areas of the restaurant. I’d cut onions for my dad, color pictures in the dining room to pass time, and load pork onto the grill (I’m not so sure OSHA would have been pleased). It was during these often long, but never boring, days and nights that I got to know the owner, Gus Kooles.

Now by the time I was born, both of my grandfathers had passed. So Gus, who was an older man, became like a grandfather to me. He always had a piece of candy in his pocket to sweeten the day. He encouraged me to do well in school, when he’d pass by me doodling instead of doing my homework. He always had a word of wisdom when I might want to go a little wayward (A wayward William…can you imagine?!). So you can understand that when Mr. Kooles died, it was a major loss for me. It was one of the first times I encountered death so closely in this way. I can remember going to his funeral and weeping loudly when I approached his coffin. It was as I walked back to my seat that his wife grabbed me in an embrace. And in that moment, she comforted me with these words – “It’s going to be alright.” I found peace in that truth.

In recent and not so recent days, we have suffered loss. As a church, these past few years we have seen some of our long time faithful leave us for eternity, and it’s left us sorrowful. As a nation, we’ve seen the loss of life in a Florida school house, and it’s left us distraught. As a world, while I write this, we have lost a beacon of Gospel truth, Billy Graham, and it has left us concerned for the future. In these times of confusion, of sorrow, of loss, Mrs. Koole’s words ring truer than ever – It’s going to be alright – when Christ is our Savior, and we follow him as Lord.

Because you see, as Mr. Graham reminded us before he departed for eternity, when we know Jesus Christ “our home is in heaven. (We) are just traveling through this world.” Today, Rev. Graham knows exactly how “alright” it is as he joins his Savior in heaven. Because our hope isn’t built on governments, or earthly commitments, or health, or anything else. Our only hope is in Christ.

As you consider this, I wonder if you have this same assurance in your heart. I pray you come to Christ and seek Him as Savior and Lord. And if you know him today, I pray that you go out into the world and proclaim that while it may seem dark, with Christ “it’s going to be alright.”

Thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord, Jesus Christ -1 Cor. 15:57.







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