Well it happened just as soon as I graduated high school that I moved back to Glendale SC (amongst my people). My plan basically was, that now that school was over I would just “cruise” the rest of my life. Well it wasn’t long before I realized that I needed money… even “cruising” costs something. I first looked among my kinsman. “Papa” was a carpenter… who could use a laborer, so I signed up. It was harder work than I expected – and I was not energetic. He once said to me, “Charlie, it looks like you got a lazy bone and plan on using it.” One good climb up a very tall ladder and I was history- yes fear of heights … and ‘er… work! I soon learned that whatever job I got a required concentration and hard work, regardless of my lazy bone.


There really is no time to just “cruise” in life. That goes for the church as well. Vacations are one thing, but summer time is not a time to just put everything on hold. We just completed a great VBS week- it was truly exciting and very meaningful – and hard work by leaders and workers. I was so proud of the level of commitment that I saw… and Sunday’s worship service- was a blessing and very well attended. We’ve been blessed not to have major summer drop offs over the last many years.

We’ve got a lot going on through the summer and it requires our best. Sunday School is year-round and “talk about committed teachers”! Our youth and children’s programs continue on faithfully through CrossTrainers and SummerKIDs. Our Adult choir is thriving, praise God. We’ve started a new summer-time ministry called “Free Tuesday Suppers”, which is an effort to offer a good meal to anyone in our community – including those who suffer real need. This is a small beginning in the right direction! On and on I could go with all our classes, teams, and committees.

So now, pray for our Nominating Committee that is at work seeking to staff many of the ministries and teams of our church for the next year. I hope you will prayerfully consider their request for your committed service, if asked. Please let them know of your willingness to serve. Believe me on this… there are many needful ministries also that people are involved in that fall outside this committee’s work – even many outside our church – Praise God!

Every church ministry we have should fall under one or more purposes in our Mission Statement:

The Mission of Starnes Cove Baptist Church is to worship God, to bring people to Christ and into a loving fellowship of believers, and to disciple them for service and ministry to others.

I hear a lot of “good” ideas that people think would be good for our church to do… but I always am listening for more than a “good” idea. I’m also listening out for: “I’m passionate about this idea, and I am willing to LEAD out.”

It’s not simply ideas we need, but passionate leadership and participation. Just because we hear about a ministry that another church is doing successfully (or at least it sounds like it could be successful) … does not qualify it as a great idea. Great ideas come when God gives us a vision in which he also gives us a passion.

So, we need to ask, “Where am “I” in this God given I.d.e.a and v.I.s.I.o.n.?”

You are the keeper of your own flame… I can’t stoke a fire unless there is a fire to stoke.So, to Thee and Me, let us give heed:

6 … the special gift of ministry you received…—keep that ablaze! 2 Timothy 1:6 (MSG)

I’ll work on the fire in my belly and you work on yours!







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