Iím pretty interested in civics and government, but thatís probably because I love history. In some ways, observing the civic world in our current day is like watching history as it unfolds. When weíre long gone, the major national and global things that are happening around us will be in text books and taught in classrooms; at least until Jesus returns.

Which is why when I had the opportunity to interact with some civic leaders in person, specifically a U.S. Senator and North Carolinaís Attorney General and Governor, I was excited! They were staying at the hotel I used to work at, and I knew I would cross paths with them in the lobby. So, before they arrived, I considered what I would say Ė would I shake their hands, tell them I was praying for them, try to have a conversation? I figured a simple greeting would probably be most appropriate, so I waited for the chance. However, as they walked through the hotel doors, my mind went blank, because I was a little star-struck (over politicians you ask? Again, Iím a history nerd, so give me a break!). Alas, they didnít slow their pace and with a quick hand shake, they headed off to their meeting, and my chance was missed. (I would still go on to live a productive and full life, so no worries there.)

Words matter and knowing them matters, too. Thatís true in loving conversations with family, in difficult interactions with co-workers, and in chance encounters with those of influence. In many ways, words matter, but that becomes all the more true when it comes to Godís word.

2 Timothy 2:15 reminds us, ďDo your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.Ē

That passage is relevant to preachers and all of Godís people alike. We must know his word personally, and well. It is through scripture that God convicts us of sin and corrects us. It is through scripture that God uses us to help others find salvation in Jesus Christ. It is through scripture that we have a clear understanding of the hope that lies beyond this earthly life when we know Christ as Lord. Words matter, because it is on Godís word that our very living, now and after, will rest.

As we continue on our journey in 2019, I encourage you to commit yourself to the knowledge of Godís word. Join us in worship, be faithful in a Sunday school class, come to prayer meeting. Beyond these things, study Godís word on your own, every day. Because, when the hour comes where itís needed, you will have it in your heart to guide your way.

Loving the Lord and His Word right along with you,







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