I was probably about 12 years old, then living near Fort Worth, Texas and it was a hot summer day when I heard the words:“Charlie, I want you to get the lawn mower and cut the grass.”

It all started out simple enough. Dad wanted the grass cut so he told me to do it… and of course I said: “okay.” He then got in the car and went somewhere. Since I was sitting on the couch… and Daddy wasn’t around, I decided to continue watching TV. (I always liked watching TV- so I just did what I liked.)

Sometime passed and I was all settled in, when suddenly the front screen door flew open- almost becoming unhinged… and there stood my Dad… face red with er’ “displeasure”!

“Charlie, get your ____ off that couch and get out there and DO… WHAT… I… TOLD YOU!”

When Dad was about to strike he would bite down on his lower lip!... and at that very moment his lip looked like it was about to bleed. I literally levitated off the couch and flew without touching the floor, miraculously flying past him at the doorway without getting nary a swat.

I did what I was supposed to do, guiltily, fearfully, and joylessly.

Sometimes we may feel that way in our relationship to God. Guilt-ridden, fearful and unhappy. We may have gotten to the place that we either are trying to avoid Him or just appease him. This is not a way to a full and meaningful life. Jesus taught us that LOVE IS THE WAY.

"If you love me, you will keep my commandments"(John 14:15 ESV)

One of the old great Christian fathers, Augustine put it like this, “Love God and do what you like”. When you love someone, you like to do what pleases him/her.

Prayer “Lord I want to love you more this year… freely, fruitfully, and faithfully, Amen! Charlie

NEW YEAR’S PASTOR’S BASICS CLASS January 5th- 28th 9:45am each Sunday
You are invited to this class:
IF… you have been visiting with us and would like to know more about our church and faith… many find this as a pathway to a closer relationship with God and his Kingdom’s work.
IF… you are a relatively new member and have not attended before… It’s a good orientation to our beliefs, church and ministry.
IF… you have never been part of a church and would like to investigate Christ’s teachings, the Bible, and the Christian faith. Lessons also include “How to Become a Christian” … and “How to become a Church Member”.
* Your Children and Youth can go into one of our fine age-graded Sunday School classes that meets at the very same time…. I very much hope to see you there this Sunday. CS






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